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Updates and Awesomeness

2013-07-20 18:50:39 by graffanim8r

Hey peeps! (Do people still say peeps?)

I've got myself a brand spanking new website! Go check it out, leave a comment, some cookies, money, first born, what ever!

Also if you're on Vine, give me a follow for some fun #anim8ninja stop motion animation.



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2013-07-22 06:51:10

I have to say, that's a damn attractive site you made! Sorry I killed the cookies a few days ago, so I couldn't leave you any there...

graffanim8r responds:

Thanx for the kind word, Vic. I am still accepting firstborns at this point ;P


2013-07-26 04:47:27

Got plenty of friendly, unfixed, outside cats... could mail you one of them?
How's work been?

graffanim8r responds:

hmmmm.... it's possible I could use them for blood sacrifices.... Work could always be better, but no complaints :)


2013-07-30 05:42:31

I'll shrink wrap a few crop destructive deer for you then.... seems more druid-like and less Egyptian, as far as blood sacrifices are concerned. Gotta love those ancient Aztecs, huh?

graffanim8r responds:

Plus I could make mead cups with the deer skin, good thinking!