Merry Christmas Newgrounds!

2012-12-24 23:26:44 by graffanim8r

Whether you're staying up to get some last minute wrapping done on your presents or you're just waking up to see the plethora of giftjam games, be sure to check out Holiday Survial: Z-Mas! A zombie survival game where you play as St. Nick as he takes on an endless horde of elf zombies in the north pole.

Holiday Survival: Z Mas

It's kill or be killed in this holiday horror-fest! Can you survive the holidays?


Merry Christmas Newgrounds!


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2012-12-25 02:49:12

:( Couldn't play it or vote on it due to it's memory requirements... it's html 5? How much memory does it draw, above and beyond a cleaned up browser? Does Java figure into it? Looked great and I hope it's a winner!

graffanim8r responds:

it shouldn't be drawing too much memory, if you have the latest versions of Firefox or chrome it should run just fine. We've been having a few browser issues and have brought it to toms attention.


2012-12-28 05:50:22

Very glad Tom addressed your game in his post yesterday. As for me, I'm on a 9 y/o laptop with half a gig of memory, so, any probs at my end would be understandable. At least you're ahead of the game on html 5, especially when compared to the other 99% of NG content providers :)

graffanim8r responds:

yeah thanx! I'll admit it was pretty ambitious for two guys who never made a game before to go, "hey! lets make a game in a month," but I'm really glad we did cuz we both learn alot.

Keep an eye out cuz, we're gonna keep workin on more projects :)