New Comic

2013-07-29 16:35:12 by graffanim8r

Just posted a new Comic to my website. Expect more to come and possibly an animated version. Go check it out!

The best damn website you have ever seen!


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2013-07-29 23:07:09

Pretty cool. Reminded me of Zim, but mixed with like, Agent Smith. Wicked stuff!

graffanim8r responds:

Thanks man! It's a result of being bored at work, so I sketch up the mock ups and then take it home to ink.


2013-07-30 09:39:31

Huh! I'd have to concur with Mr. Natures assessment... but letting the actions speak, rather than some awful Hollywood script, makes it all the better!

(Updated ) graffanim8r responds:

I tend to go for more of the shorts without dialogue. Partially cuz, like u said, the action should tell the story, and partially cuz when I do anim8 it I don't have to pay voice actors, lol.


2013-07-30 23:02:32

Gotta be some royalty free voices you could nab... just thinking of all the spam phone calls I get. It'd make an interesting listen, at least... good thing I'm too lazy (indifferent) to record them. Used to produce a cable access TV show back in the day, and that woulda been right up my alley.


2013-08-14 15:22:00

So how you been, starving as an artist, or d'you have a day job?
Likely both these days, right?

graffanim8r responds:

yes and yes, lol.

I work at a local museum were I'm at though, so I'm pretty much around art all the time and I can't complain about that.