Entry #12

A question for game developers

2015-04-02 17:38:38 by graffanim8r

Ok this goes to all those code crunchers out there that need affordable art assets for their prototypes.  What kind of assets do ya need?  Characters with movement animations?  Tilesets?  What kind of each?  Desert?  Forest?  Dungeon?  School?


Just looking for a little feedback, thanks.




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2015-04-02 18:20:04

Hm... while I usually prep my own resources, external resources are always a welcome help. Do you prefer top-down or PPOV (players' point of view)-style when it comes to resources?

graffanim8r responds:

that's kind of what I'm trying to narrow it down to. I love doing the art for both but my time is a bit more limited these days so if devs are looking for a different set of assets then I'd like to focus on the ones with a larger demand.


2015-04-26 09:33:30